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POTD #37 - Fourth on the Brazos

I took the family down to the Fourth on the Brazos festival here in Waco on Saturday. We went a little early so I would have the opportunity to go around taking photos of the event. After getting the family settled in with a funnel cake, I left for a little bit.

I got to shoot exactly one couple. That's it. About every 10 steps, someone else stopped me to talk about photography. I do love to talk about it and encourage people to discuss photography with, but I really wanted to shoot some photos.

Anyway, they were a lovely couple and let me take several photos until I got my flash settings correct. Here's the image from Saturday.


Tech Talk:
1/25 sec; f/4.0; 66mm; ISO 200; flash pointed over their heads with bounce card and set at 1/64 power
Scott Everett