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Not a good photo night

I took exactly 47 shots tonight as part of my assignment and got 1 that was almost worth presenting.  Tonight was a comedy of errors.

I started by taking about 35 shots, some decent, of a potato masher and a colander.  I was pretty excited about them utnil I popped the CF card into the computer -- digital noise everywhere.  I had left the ISO setting at 1600.  I should have realized that something was amiss when I was able to hand-hold a few of the macro shots.  I always forget to change the ISO setting.  Maybe by writing this down I'll start checking it before shooting.

I corrected the ISO and went back to shooting.  I had already put the masher away, so I concentrated on the colander.  I framed my next shot -- the junction of the support wires on the bottom with the mesh slightly out of focus on top.  I fired the shutter, and -- blurry.  I tried it again with the same results.  Now, I almost always shoot on a tripod here and today was no exception.  After a few shots like this, I kept my eye through the viewfinder to see my composition slowly rising to the top of the frame.  Apparently my tripod doesn't particularly care for my camera in a portrait layout.  I spent the next 20 minutes or so trying to tighten everything up, but never could get any stability.  I ended up re-orienting the tripod supports and moving the mounting plate vertically with a bit more success.

Those problems finally solved, I gleefully started shooting again; only to get crap.  I'll try again later.  Here's a rough draft of the best of what I got.


Colander rough draft
Scott Everett