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What a bust

My Independence Day assignment was a complete bust. Due to familial obligations and poor timing, I completely missed any opportunity to shoot at the fireworks display. I should have tried something earlier in the week, but never got out.

I was thinking about a B/W shot of one of the numerous fireworks stands in the area. I like the idea of stripping out all of the color normally associated with these businesses and trying to focus on the character of the people around. Of course, that would probably require me buying some of the fireworks, which I have never done.

I had hoped to use this opportunity to start taking street portraits. In my opinion this is probably the most difficult part of photography. Not only do you have to approach people you don't know and ask to take a picture, but you are also putting yourself and your work on the line. At least at shows and on photography-related web sites the people viewing your work are there to see photos. Taking street shots and inviting people to view your library encourages those who wouldn't necessarily be interested in photography to stop by, view your work and look for their own portrait. Scary stuff if you ask me.

Scott Everett