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Heart Of Texas Photographic Society

Attention all Wacoans:

I have decided to put the word out about a group I'm trying to form. Bizarre as it may sound, but I'm trying to get people to actually come out and meet each other in person, in the flesh, in the real world. The interweb is a great tool for improving your photography, but nothing can compare to sharing the shooting experience with actual people.

All of this is still in the preliminary stage, but right now I'm thinking about starting a photowalking group. Since right now I'm the only member, I'll propose the targeted schedule as the 4th Sunday of the month and, to make things easiest, we'll meet at the suspension bridge (Indian Springs Park side) at 7:00 for a little shooting session.

I want to see anyone who has an interest in photography out there.  I don't care what camera you have -- anything from a point-and-shoot all the way up to the largest SLR, film, digital; I don't care what your experience level is -- newbies to professional.  I just want to see people who enjoy photography out there.

What do you think?  Pass this along to anyone you think would be interested.

Please, please leave a comment here or click here to contact me in one of my other avenues. I really think this would be great fun and would like to have at least 5-6 people show up for the evening.

Hope this works!

Scott Everett