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What a great photowalk

I had a blast last night on our photowalk.  We had another dozen or so people show up, about half returning from last month and the other half new attendees.

I really love the diversity of the group.  We ran the gamut from teenager to retiree and I think everyone enjoyed it.

I hope that there was as much photographic stretching and learning going on as I saw.  I liked to see everyone taking shots that they normally wouldn't have.  I know we had some that tended toward landscapes taking urban scenes, some that tended toward architecture taking some portraits (non-family), and some that are reltaively new to the hobby learning from other students.  Great stuff.

I'm working on next month's walk location.  I'm thinking about the wetlands, but have heard from some that it is in dire need of some maintenance; one of the feed pumps wasn't working and the wetlands were drylands.  I'll check on that status to see if it improves.

We also decided to arrange a meeting in between the walks.  I'm working on a location for the 10/12 discussion meeting.  If anyone has any specific suggestions or personal experiences, please share them with me.  I'm open to all ideas.

I hope to see everyone in two weeks.  Please don't hesitate to invite mroe people to this meeting even if they haven't attended the walks.  Though the primary focus will be on the images from the last walk, we may have some additional content and would enjoy the extra insight regardless.


Oh, and check out the Flickr page for some images from our walks:
Scott Everett