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Shoot now, don't wait!

Here's a tip that everyone knows already, but no one listens to. Take your photographs now. they won't be there tomorrow. I can think of several shots I wanted to take in the recent past that I can no longer capture because the environment has completely changed.

Ghosts on Waco Bridge

I took this shot several months ago while hanging out on the bridge with some friends. I thought they would ghost out of the image and disappear. I didn't realize that they were walking so slowly and that their silhouettes remained until after I got home (that 2" preview didn't help much).

On review, I really liked the composition. The single light on the right brings you into the photo, the lines of the bridge escort you through, and the support acts as the focus. I always wanted to take this shot again without the people and thought, I can do it anytime, the bridge will always be there.

I was absolutely correct, the bridge is still there, but the city fixed all of the light bulbs! Now every joint has a working light bulb and this composition is gone. Anyone willing to vandalize for me?

Scott Everett