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What a year so far!

It has been a busy year so far.  Most of my goings-on have been normal, pay-the-bills, family kinds of stuff, but I did manage to squeeze a trip to Colorado in the midst.

I took the family up to the mountains to see some snow and shoot some landscapes.  The drive from Waco to Pagosa Springs was mostly without drama, but once we got there the fates had other plans.

We got to the mountains, saw snow, but the kids screamed the entire way up the mountain.   At one point, my wife got out of the car while I was shooting and told me that my younger son was losing it and the older son had to pee immediately.

After all of that, I got back in the car. My total shooting time: 6 minutes. Current total editing time on these four shots: 25 minutes.

Pagosa Springs 1

Pagosa Springs 2

Pagosa Springs 3

Pagosa Springs 4
Scott Everett