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POTD #7 - This is art?

We have a wonderful annual art program here in Waco. The Cultural Art Fest is every fall and brings out artists and artisans from all over the south and west United States. Part of this festival is a sculpture competition, the winners of which have their work on display all over downtown Waco for the next year. Some of these sculptures are wonderful, others a bit suspect. I have to question our local arbiters of art when I see work like this on display:


Now, I know I can be opinionated and up front with my taste in art, so I'll try to tone it down a little. In my opinion, this is terrible. I'm completely missing the vision or the statement in this presentation. If you are the artist and reading this, please feel free to e-mail me a let me know what I am missing. I would love to appreciate this as some do, but cannot find the ability right now.
Scott Everett