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POTD #15 -- Violin Hands

My photo group has a monthly challenge, ending on the first of the following month. The challenge for the month of May was "hands." We had some wonderful submissions. This one is mine.

It took me three different sessions to get this one close to how I wanted it. In the first session, I couldn't get the lighting quite right. In the second session, I realized that my composition was all wrong (upon further review, they weren't that bad). In the third session, I misplaced my reflector and had to use my light stand to hold my black background.


Tech Talk:
I had my back to the camera, firing with my remote release and shooting tethered so I could review the images on my TV as I shot.

I had my flash on top of my TV (since the stand was in use), with a Gary Fong Lightsphere bouncing off the ceiling camera right.

I had black felt draped over two lightstands to keep the background dark.

In post I didn't do too much. Increased the exposure, contrast, clarity, and saturation a touch; sharpened, and exported to jpeg.

Scott Everett