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POTD #20 - Fire truck

My wife and son have spent the last couple weeks constructing an entire toy fire station out of normal, household waste. They have used egg cartons, cereal boxes, soda caps, straws, etc. It has been a source of ongoing excitement here are home for the duration. Here's the fire truck.


Tech talk:
This photo ended up being easier to take than I had originally set up. I had my flash snooted and firing from the right with a reflector bouncing the light on the left. I took several shots like that at different apertures and none of them looked quite right. I looked out the truck again and realized that the ambient light I had streaming in from the left was just about perfect. I ended up shooting a long exposure (30 secs) to capture enough ambient light.

After capture, I clipped the blacks to get a solid background, but then brightened the wheels so they stand out a little. That was about it for post-processing.
Scott Everett