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POTD #30 - Cutie (but I'm biased)

I try not to put images of the family up here as they can get monotonous for those not directly effected by them. I don't want to get the guy with the wallet (I guess iPod, now) full of images, searching for someone who will endure the presentation.

That said, my family is probably 90% of my photography. In addition to this blog, I maintain another personal blog specifically to share images of my 2 boys as they grow up. Here is a recent photo posted on that blog, taken during a Memorial Day picnic at Pecan Bottoms in Cameron Park.


Tech Talk:
I imported this image into Lightroom 2 and corrected the exposure, pulled back some of the highlights that were blown-out during the exposure adjustment, added clarity and saturation, sharpened, and exported to JPG.
Scott Everett