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POTD #43 - Daisy, daisy give me your answer do

I hope you enjoy the photo walk images, since that's all I'm going to post for the next couple days.

I've done a couple photo walks in Downtown Waco and it amazes me that everyone gravitates to the same subject. Each time we've walked down 8th street, we've ended up gong down this particular alley. If you click this link, make sure to turn to the left and look down the alleyway. Admittedly, there is quite a bit of photographic potential here.

Now, when we go down this alley, my first thought is about urban decay and waste: it is the backside of several businesses, including a bar / club. Little did I expect to find this image there. These guys just stuck out from behind the monochromatic urban vistas and grabbed my attention.


Tech Talk:
1/1600 sec; f/5.0; 112 mm; ISO 200
This image needed a few tweaks, but nothing excessive.

To further pull the flowers out, I adjusted the exposure +0.5 EV and then reduced the background exposure by 0.4 EV. I added some saturation to the sky.

I added clarity, saturation, and vibrance to the entire image and output to JPG. Here it is!
Scott Everett