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What many are missing. (And I don't leave myself out)
I don't know if you've noticed, but it seems as though there are a ton of new photographers out there. Call them what you want; moms-with-cameras, guys-with-cameras, or Uncle Bob photographers, they are out there. Sometimes I even consider myself one of them. Though I've been shooting since the film days, I still feel like a total newbie sometimes. What separates the "real" photographers from the hobbyists is the desire to improve.
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Binocular composing
Have you ever used a microscope? I'm not talking about the toy-variety with the mirror to reflect sunlight through your onion peel, but a real-life, professional, laboratory quality microscope for examining some of the tiniest organisms. With my background in biology and my career in microbiology, I have spent many, many hours of my life staring down the barrel of a 'scope. Years and years ago, a professor in college taught me a very valuable lesson.
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