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HOTps Challenge Alert

Based on a suggestion from Jaime and my own musings on how to keep the group active between photowalks, I think we'll start a Challenge / Assignment project on Flickr. Right now I only have the basic idea with a few ground rules.

● The assignment will be semi-monthly (that's every twice a month), so every two weeks I'll post a new topic.

● The topic is completely open to interpretation. I may post something like "The number 4." Any inclusion of the number 4 as the main purpose will be acceptable; 4 objects, the actual number, f/4aperture, 1/4 sec shutter, you get the picture.

● Obviously, the photo must be your own and you have complete copyright ownership to it. I don't plan on publishing these, but you never know.

● There is no time restriction on the photos. It can be something from your back catalog or something you took specifically for the assignment, I don't care. Inspiration can come from anywhere, past or present. The goal is to get you thinking and shooting more, but I realize that not all of us can spend grand amounts of time on this.

● By posting to the challenge, you agree to allow me to display your image at HOT Photographic Society events. I will not use the image for any purpose other than community review unless I contact you and ask permission otherwise.

● Only one photo per entrant, please. Otherwise we open up for quite a volume!

● Right now we'll just post our choices for the best photo in the challenge. I reserve the right to move the challenge elsewhere if this becomes too cumbersome (TWiP just moved to Photrade specifically for their voting mechanism).

● (So eloquently worded, I lifted this from the JPG Magazine website) No photos where the genitalia region is visible or photos that are explicitly pornographic. (That's "or"... we know the two aren't synonymous.) As a general guideline — no penises, no vaginas, and nothing in that immediate vicinity — period.

● This is a public group. As such all photos posted here are publicly viewable.

Whew, I dislike rules as much as the next person, but here they are. I don't think you'll find them overly constraining.

Comments, questions on the guidelines? Contact me and we'll try to resolve them.

Go to the HOTps photo library on Flickr for topic and submissions.

Have fun!
Scott Everett