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POTD #54 - Finally!

I know I have been out of pocket these last couple weeks. Wow, a lot has happened. Sick family, computer trouble, ennui. It all adds up after a while.

I bought these irises at the grocery store last week and intended on shooting them in full bloom. Unfortunately, on the day that they were their most lovely, I fell asleep on the couch and missed my opportunity. The very next day they ran out of water and looked like this.

I still tried to make the proverbial lemonade out of them, though and tried a couple different lighting scenarios. The first here has my SB-800 firing through an umbrella camera-right with a silver reflector camera-left. The second has the flash firing from camera-left and no reflector. It's amazing how different the two can be just by moving the light source.

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Tech talk:
1/60 sec; f/20; 90mm (macro); ISO 200
Both images were captured with the same camera settings, but different lighting.
Scott Everett