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POTD #53 - Self portrait

Talk about crazy! With the Waco Cultural Arts Fest and the rest of my normal life with small children going on, I have been completely drained this last week or so. I haven't fired my shutter or even processed an image in at least a week. How long until you are out of practice?

I'll tide myself over with an image from a couple weeks ago.

The photowalk we just had at night was amazing. I really love low-light photography. I find nothing more rewarding than waiting 30 seconds or so for an exposure (+ noise reduction time) and finally getting to see it on the LCD. It's the closest thing we have now to the tension created by waiting for film to be developed. It doesn't last nearly as long, but is still fun.

While out and about downtown Waco, I found this plate glass window acting as a fun-house mirror. I though a self portrait would be in order. I framed the image to place the pillar, the truck (not mine), and me in different panels with the last one blank to create some tension in the frame. I tried to stay as still as possible for the next half second. I'm not a model, so my body position wasn't ideal, but I still find it interesting.


Tech talk:
0.6 sec; f/4.5; 190 mm; ISO 200
This image is straight out of the camera save for some sharpening. Cool when it works our like that.

I did try a few with some light trails from passing vehicles, but they were all trucks/SUVs and the lights were too high; they blocked the view my my head.
Scott Everett