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Obligatory Halloween Photo

We chose (thematically) to head out one of the historic cemeteries here in Waco for our latest photowalk. It was a wonderful night for shooting, except for the massive swarms of mosquitoes. Several of us were planning on staying out until well after twilight, but were completely unable to make it because of the little blood-suckers.


I debated on labeling this image as Heavily Post-Processed because of everything I had to do to it. I know it's probably not as much as others, but for my workflow, this is quite a bit of PP effort.

Here it goes in list format:

In Lightroom 2
Exposure -0.10
Black clipping -3
Contrast +62
Temperature 5.5K
Convert to Grayscale
Yellow -31
Green -19
Orange -59
Purple -92
Magenta +31
Blue +32
Aqua +28
Clarity -74

Over to GIMP 2.6
Added am IIR Gaussian blur of 7.0 pixels.
I actually debated on the blur. I was certain the mosquitoes would have a sufficient blurring effect.)
Scott Everett