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A real Photo of the Day coming up?

I've tried in the past to post a photo every day, but it hasn't worked for me at all. In the past, doing a project like this was not very easy, what with the added steps involved in processing photos from my DSLR as well as having to wait until I get home and everyone goes to bed in order to post them here.

Well, seeing the success that Sarah-Jane Sanders has had and the purchase of a new wireless phone has made me reconsider the project. I'm going to try again to post at least 1 photo a day here.

Now, I'm not going to guarantee that they are going to be all stellar, award winning photos. I'm sure some will end up just being markers to take up space for that particular day. What else can I expect from a large project like this, continuing to update my family blog on an almost daily basis, and most likely using my iPhone as the most used camera. I still consider my DSLR my primary camera, but it just isn't feasible to carry it around everywhere (though I often do) and the iPhone gives me the functionality to post almost immediately.

We'll see how this goes this time. Wish me luck.

Scott Everett