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New project

This is going to be a major undertaking.

Several months ago, I purchased a film negative scanner.  I should be able to stop here and just about everyone will see where this is headed.

As I mention on my website, I started into photography when my dad gave me his old Chinon CE-5 way back in the 90s.  I didn't swtich over to digital until about 2 years ago.  I have about 10 years worth of film negatives in boxes on the floor about 6 feet behind me.

When we developed our prints, we'd always opt to have a CD made so we could post the photos online.  That was great way back then when I did n't know anything about digital imaging.  Things are little different now.  Those CDs held super-low resolution images - in the neighborhood of 640 x 480.  I can't do anything with those now!  The film scanner I bought gets me about 4000 x 3000.  Can you see the difference?

That's well and good, but it takes me about 15 minutes in the scanner to do all the adjustments that the developing lab did automatically.  Now I'm not going to scan each and every frame, but it'll take time to sort through them and pull out the ones I want to keep.  It's going to take forever.

Here's to long-term projects...
Scott Everett