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Digital Film Photography

Tachnology is grand.  I'm currently going through my old negatives and reprocessing them in the digital darkroom.  Now, truth be told, the only processing I did in the film days was to drop my rolls off at the local developer and look at them when they came back.

This whole film-scanning technology has opened up a massive doorway.  Enough that I frequently consider switching back to film and scanning in my negatives. 

I just scanned in a photo that has always disappointed me.  I made a photograph of a bridge here in Waco that, for some bizarre reason, had massive levels of grain.  Enough that it was horribly distracting.  I have been working on this one frame for at least an hour tonight and have just gotten off the negative strip.  I haven't processed it at all except to convert it to TIFF.  Here are the original and digitally enhanced copies.



This was done just with the Digital ICE and Digital GEM actions in my CoolScan software.  I still have yet to work out the colors, contrast, and alignment in Lightroom, but I thought I'd share a rough draft.

Scott Everett