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Natural vs. Man-made

This past weekend, I went out with the Heart of Texas Photographic Society (HOTps) to shoot around the Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway.  That's one of the greatest things.  Every month, I have a firm date (the 4th Sunday of the month) on which I'm obligated to go shoot.  That guarantees me at least one shooting day, regardless of whatever happens.

I chose the arboretum location since we are just getting into the much lauded wildflower season here in Texas.  Bluebonnets are exploding out of the ground all over town and along the highways.  What better place to explore all these colors and textures than an arboretum, no?  Well, it was almost a bust.  Apparently, this is a synthetic garden.  I thought that we would find abundant plant life, but were left with a few blossoms as the the curators hadn't completed their spring planting.

I have always believed that the mark of a good photographer is the ability to make a photo out of whatever conditions are available.  We have some wonderful photographers in our group whose work can be seen by following the link above.  Here are my shots from this weekend.


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Scott Everett