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POTD #34 - A day lilly bud

This is one floral shot in which I actually know the type of flower! That might be because I'm the one who bought them from the store and there was a little card attached. In all reality, lilies of any kind are my wife's favorite flower and I "bought these for her" way back in January when I shot this.


Unfortunately, it has been so long since I shot this, I don't really remember my lighting set-up. For looking at the photo in conjunction with my faded memory, it appears that I lit this with a hot lamp high from the top-right and used a white reflector to bounce the light back from the left.

Tech Talk:
30 sec; f/25; 90 mm macro; ISO 200
I don't think I did much with this image. I know I dodged the background to ensure it was black. I think I only had to adjust the white balance and sharpen the flower bud.
Scott Everett