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POTD #35 - Butterfly

Because of the holiday (Independence Day) I was able to leave work a little early yesterday. I spent an hour to 90 minutes at the Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway shooting the plants and critters there.

Now, just like floral photos, I like making images from some of the attractive fauna, but have no idea what they are. This here is ... well, a butterfly on a flower. If anyone can tell me what kind of butterfly on what kind of flower, I would appreciate it. I'm sure there a plenty of people out there who know. I do feel slightly guilty about my ignorance, but I really have no idea.


Tech Talk:
1/1250 sec; f/8; 90 mm; ISO 200
* Cropped
* Brightened
* Pulled in highlights
* Sharpened
* Added vignette
Scott Everett