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POTD #38 - Weeds

More apologies are in order for not posting regularly. I have been knee-deep in touch-ups for a client shoot. I did manage to grab a shot of some weeds for my photo group's monthly assignment. It's really just a grab shot, but it worked for this theme.

Some people think that St. Augustine is grass, I really think it's a weed. The stuff grows anywhere you don't want it to be. I lose about 3 feet off my driveway every spring when it starts growing again!


1/160 sec; f/2.8; 75 mm; ISO 200
I saw this as I was leaving our church with my son after vacation bible school one evening. I was intrigued by the curvature of the spine and the play of the shadows on the sidewalk.

In post I added clarity and saturation as wells as emphasized the blacks of the shadows. There are a few things I would do differently if I had to shoot this again, but I still feel it's presentable.
Scott Everett