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POTD #44: Angles

This is another photo from our photowalk last month. I knew that our assignment for the month of July/August was "Black and White," but didn't really think about this one as a B/W image until I got to the post-processing stage.

I liked the angles and shadows created by the stairs as well as the textures of the painted bricks and the steel rails. By converting this to B/W, I think it really emphasized those textures.


Tech Talk:
1/125 sec; f/7.1; 200 mm; ISO 200
This image required a little more work than I normally do on spot removals. I first cropped the original image to get rid of some of the joints at the top-left. Since I was shooting through a plant, I had to then remove some of the blurred leaves to get this image to its final composition.

After than, my post-processing was pretty standard. I converted to gray scale, lowered the orange saturation and raised the yellow saturation. After sharpening, I converted to jpg and uploaded here.
Scott Everett