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POTD #45 - Ruby

Meet Ruby.

The other day I took my sons down to the banks of the Brazos River to feed the ducks. That has to be the most fun you can have for under a dollar. Unfortunately, they proved to be somewhat elusive that day, but, being the fearless hunters we are, we finally found them in Indian Springs Park.

When we got there, we found Ruby and her nanny, Carol, already there feeding the ducks. All three kids had a blast and Ruby was kind enough to sit still just long enough for me to get this portrait of her against the backdrop of the park.


Ruby is lucky. She's the first of my project, in conjunction with a Flickr group, to photograph 100 people I haven't met before. I don't have a timeline or schedule, just a goal of making portraits of 100 strangers. Wish me luck!
Scott Everett