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POTD #51 - Insulation

While I walk along the river I see these power lines and their insulators overhead. I've always been intrigued by the pattern that they create and like their contrast against the blue sky. We hit this location just in time to catch some really good light on our spontaneous photowalk, so I took the opportunity as it presented itself.


Tech Talk:
1/640 sec; f/2.8; 165 mm; ISO 200
I shot 6 frames of this scene. The first 5 were either underexposed because of the sky behind the subject, or not framed properly. On the 6th shot, I managed to get what I was looking for.
Post processing was slight. In, Lightroom, I applied my personal preset for saturation and contrast, then added a bit more vibrancy and nudged the exposure up a little bit. I debated with myself on a little more contrast, but decided against it.
Scott Everett