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POTD #47 - The Disturbing Side of Photography

One of the biggest tips I like to give any photography enthusiast (especially in this digital age) is to shoot, shoot, shoot. Trying new things with your camera and don't be afraid to fail.

I had been taking photos of my kids one day when the older one got jealous of the time the younger one spent in front of the camera. Not a bad problem to have, in all reality. I took the opportunity to do some wacky photography while he was interested in being photographed. Using the short end of my 28-75mm lens, I took a close photo of him, knowing and expecting the distortion. I still find the image disturbing.

There has been no digital trickery here. All I did to the photo in post-processing was adjust colors. All of the strange geometry is directly due to the distortion of the 28 mm focal length.

Lesson confirmed: Don't use a small focal length for formal portraits.


Tech Talk:
1/60 sec; f/5; 28mm; ISO 3200
I adjusted color temperature and exposure then worked on contrast and saturation before sharpening and applying a minor vignette. Still creeps me out.
Scott Everett