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POTD #48 - Martinez Family

I have recently started a project in conjunction with a Flickr group to photograph 100 strangers. I'm already up to 2! I headed out for an impromptu photowalk this evening down at the suspension bridge here in Waco. I am impressed and amazed at the degree to which the city has reclaimed the park surrounding the bridge. A couple years ago, no one would go out there at night. Now, there are tons of people down there at dusk and later.

I ran late to the photowalk and had to catch up with the others. I was walking through the amphitheater and was stopped by a couple sitting on the stage. They asked what was so interesting to photograph down there since they had seen the 3 others walk by just a few minutes prior. As I was explaining HOTps to them, their kids walked up and mentioned that Paul had taken their photo, at which point, they requested a quick family photo. I couldn't have asked for an easier shoot for this project.

It turns out that they live in Austin and one of the girls goes to college at UT Arlingtion. They met halfway here in Waco and spent the day here. They were a lovely family and I hope to see them again in town.


Tech Talk:
1/250 sec; f/4.0; 95 mm; ISO 200
Not much for editing on this one. I reduced the exposure of the sky, and then applied my personal preset to add saturation, contrast, and sharpness.
Scott Everett