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POTD #49 - Service Memorial

Last Sunday night, one of the other members of the Heart Of Texas Photographic Society called an impromptu photowalk down by the Brazos River to commemorate our year anniversary. We walked along the river and afterward I hung around photographing some of the sculptures placed by the Waco Cultural Arts Fest. In a shock to all present, I had planned ahead and brought my tripod for some long shutter speed shots.

I spent a few minutes making photos around a fountain, getting some slow frame water shots. After I had enough of that, I turned slightly to my left to see this framed up. I just turned my tripod a little and fired away.

In case you can't make it out, I have the resolution set a little low for my web images, this is a memorial to those who died in the local Services; fire, police, rescue. Waco seems to have a hard time with memorials, most are pretty overbearing or tacky, but I think this one is a home run. It is plain, elegant, and respectful. In fact, I used some photos I made here for my Memorial Day image. You can see the suspension bridge in the background, the most iconic structure in Waco.


Tech Talk:
1/5 sec; f/4.0; 155mm; ISO 200
Again, post-processing was minimal. I applied a personal preset to punch up colors a touch and sharpen the image, then output to JPG. I like it when they work out this way.
Scott Everett